John 15:9-27
                                                                                                Are you lonely tonight?
Tonight I talked to and old classmate of mine.  Her name is Jill. We discussed the book Father has used me to write it.  Over the last few years life has been trying for her. One of the things we discussed was the cover of Eli greatness begins.  I told her what I envisioned it to be.  She seemed to like to concept of a two dimensional cover.  Then it hits me like it does every time I hang up after a discussion with a friend.  I realize just how lonely I really am.   Then I read the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I sense his presence and I am not nearly as lonely.  I realize the truth he spoke and is speaking today.  He makes me realize that this life is short. He makes me realize that it is following his leading and use of me as his servant that will expand his kingdom.  He makes me realize that I truly do have a part in his kingdom and that part I was created for is what I am accomplishing.  So here is the bottom line in this whole thing.  Our dependency cannot be in another person to solve our personal problems.  We must be dependent on the Father through the Son by the Spirit.  It’s only when we do that, that we can find true fulfillment.
Keep your eyes on the Christ. He will meet all of our needs according to his riches in heaven.
Go in peace