John 12:23
                                                                         Our Fathers timing demonstrated.
Yesterday I woke and looked at my schedule.  There was not a whole lot on it.  But the day would turn out to be amazing.  Bare with me there is going to be a neat thing that happens at the end.  Had a bunch of running to do.  I started out praying where to start.  As I headed out my first stop was my bank.  From there I really felt I needed to go to superior first. (Duluth and Superior are separated by a couple of bridges.   After a couple of time consuming errands I headed back to Duluth. Again directed to make a stop and pick up a pair of cheater glasses at the dollar store. There was a dog grooming shop in the same plaza complex so I made a cold call on it.  They were more than eager to see what I could do for them with their credit card processing and phone service.  I grabbed their statement and bill.  Took them back to my office worked the proposals.  Went back to their store closed the business. From there I stopped at Beaners coffee in west Duluth and spoke with the owner as he is a customer of mine.  Relaxed with a cup of his good hi-test coffee. Suddenly it was time to leave.  I just knew I had to leave.  Got back on my bike and simply asked where now.  A light flashed in my brain as I was reminded of a customer in Gary New Duluth I had signed up last week, she should be receiving her credit card processor today.  I drove the 10 miles west stopped in her business, sure enough; it had arrived 10 minutes before I arrived.  I walked out climbed on the bike, realized the course I would normally take to get back to proctor had been closed due to road construction.   I then “decided” to continue my western trek down the road and take a route home that would lead me through Jay Cooke Park. I trip with lots and lots of curves running beside a beautiful river.  Father had a slight detour in mind.  When I approached the entrance to the park I was directed to go to what’s known as the veteran’s memorial.    Usually when I feel Fathers prodding to go there I am being sent to pray for another biker.  It’s only a couple of miles up the road so no big deal.   I arrived at the over look. A beautiful spring day.  I sat on the ledge overlooking the beauty as no one was there.  I was just about to leave when my phone rings. It’s a friend Rushanne.  We talk for 30 minutes, pray together and say good bye.  I get back on my bike and head for the park.  One of my frequent stops there is the swinging bridge area; I was directed not to stop.  I turned and headed to Carlton to buy gas. As I rode by an over look to the St. Louis River I noticed another biker. He waived and I rode by.  At that second I was told to turn the bike around and go back.  I did.  Spent the next 45 minutes talking to him, he is a recent grad from a local Jr. College and headed to Calif. to study there. He is riding his bike out as he will be able to use it as his main means of transportation.  It was at that point I felt Father impressing on me the need to pray for the young man.  I prayed for his safety on his trip, then I asked Father to show this young man exactly who Father really is.  That opened conversation that lasted about a ½ hour.    The point to this whole thing is this. We can’t know what Father is doing when we have one of those days when there is just a lot going on.  Keep your eyes open. Father may be ready to use you in a way that can change someone’s life.
Go in peace