John 12:1-8
                                                                                   A Modern Mary, or Annie all grown up.
                One of the really neat parts of being an Author is being able to use the book that was down loaded to me to see people touched in a real way.    It also opens doors of communication with people that may not have happened otherwise.  One of those “doors” happened over the weekend.  I drove with my oldest daughter from Duluth to Friend Nebraska for my youngest Daughters (Rachael) wedding reception.  I had attended the wedding last month in Can Cun.   Rachael’s new Father in Law graciously set me up in a bread and breakfast in town.   It was a great experience.  Saturday morning when I woke I walked out to the smell of sausage gravy ready to be put on biscuits and gravy.  On top of that all kinds of fruits and eggs.  Annie was the name of the lovely lady feeding me.  I asked her if she enjoyed reading.  She does.  I showed her Eli which she asked me to sing for her.  I was to find out just how much this lovely Lady really loves the Christ.  Her curly hair did remind me of Little Orphan Annie all grown up.  It was truly an honor being able to pray with the lovely lady.  I was in no hurry to leave either Sat or Sunday.  It was amazing to see how the book allowed me to author was able to open a door of fellowship that will continue each and every time I visit my new friend Jim in the friend area.  She is truly a lady who would rather sit at the feet of Christ than do anything else.  She is the type of lady who would be the one anointing our lord Jesus.  May the Lord bless and Keep her.  By the Way.  I told her I would be publishing this and she did give permission.
Go in peace

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