John 1:19-28
                                                                John the Baptist with the priests and Levites.
They asked him three questions.  1. Are you the Christ? 2. Are you the prophet?  3. Are you Elijah?
The answer to all three question was no.  Then they asked him, who are you?  That my friend is the question we are being asked by the world today.  “Who are we?”  We too can answer every question of the three with a no.  But who are we?  WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST. We are the people who have been bought with the blood of the lamb, and can and do walk in his newness everyday.  We are his hands, his feet, and his mouth.  We have the words of eternal life.  Peter said to the Christ. “Lord to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life.”  We know can and should speak those words.  We are given those words everyday that can be spoken in such a way as to see lives changed forever. We can speak those words. But again the question we must each deal with is will we?  Will we be that voice crying in the wilderness?  Will we cry out “make straight the way of the Lord?” We can speak the words of salvation to all those around us.  We can tell the world who the Christ is.  The question is Will we?
Will we be the voice of one crying in the wilderness?  Will we be the one who is willing to put it all on the line to see those around us in the kingdom when we get there?  That is the question we must ask ourselves as we go out everyday.
We are not the Christ. We are not the prophet. We are not Elijah. But we can be the voice crying in the wilderness. “Make straight the paths.” The question is. Will we be that voice?
Go in peace