John 11:8-10
                                                   We must walk in the light.
Here Jesus the Christ is going to return to Jerusalem to raise Lazarus from the dead.  The disciples are expressing fear because the Pharisees are threatening to stone him.   The Christ knows at this point his time to be physically on this earth is running short.  He knows he is the light of the world.  He tells his troops that there are 12 hours in a day and one must work when it is light.  He then makes the statement that he is the light of the world.  Those who walk in his light walk in the light and not in the darkness the enemy wants to entrap us with.   Here is the bottom line of this whole thing.  We as believers know the truth.  When we walk in his truth we walk in light.  When we walk in said light we will not stumble.  The problem comes when we make the choice to walk away from that truth.  When we make that choice we instantly walk from light into a total darkness.  There is not light. We become blind because in that darkness we can put our hand in front of our face and not see it.  We will fall if we choose to walk in that which the enemy makes to seem so right but is so evil.  God the Father through the Son by the Spirit gives us his light.  When you have a choice between darkness and light choose light.  It does make for a brighter morning.
Go in peace