John 11:40
                                                          If you believe you will see the glory of God.
     The belief the Christ is talking about here requires action.   He had just told them to remove the stone.  Martha said,” He’s been dead 4 days, by this time he will stink.”   The question each of us has to answer every day is this.  How much do I really believe?  If I truly believe that the leading I am getting at this point is from God our Father I will act on that leading.   Sometimes what we are led to do is a risky proposition.  Sometimes what we are being led to do is a bit “Crazy”.  But the bottom   line is this, do we really believe.  True belief requires action.  My question today is this. What are you being led to do?  Why aren’t you doing it?  Father does not give us hints that we need to do something without giving us all that is needed to do it.  It’s time that we all take the step of faith  and roll that stone of fear away from our hearts and step out in courage and see Father’s greatness happen in our lives.   We are told over and over by the Christ himself to fear not.   But act on that which Father is leading you to do.  As you take those steps you will see not only our Father’s greatness but also his Glory in what he is leading you to do.
Go in peace