John 11:1-44

 What is our Tomb?

                The is the story of Lazarus. As I was reading this, this morning this question came to mind.  What is our tomb?  I know a person who has had some terrible things happen to her in her life.  Father has opened the tomb, he has removed the stone. He has allowed light to shine into the crypt that she was put in, by no fault of hers.  The problem is she won’t walk out of it.  She allow it to keep her bound in her grave clothes that keeps her from attaining that which Father has created her to do.  The question each and every one of us must deal with is this. (Are we in our tomb while we are still physically alive? And are we going to stay there until they roll the rock back over the opening and we are there forever?)   That my friend is a scary thought.  I have seen bitterness and hatred eat a person alive.  When one does not forgive that which has been done to them it festers, it does not scab over so it can heal but keeps bleeding until the person who has the wound ultimately bleeds to death.   The Irony of this whole thing is the tomb is open.  As Christ had to stone rolled away and called to Lazarus to come forth so has he had the stone rolled away from our tomb and is calling us to come forth.  Bitterness and hatred is the thing which holds us in the tomb and keeps us from walking into the daylight.  If you’re holding onto something it’s holding onto you.  Let it go. Give it to our Father in heaven through the Son by the Spirit.  Have today be the day that opens the grave and you walk out.

Go in peace