John 1:1-5
                                                                               In the beginning God
  He looks out and the only light is what radiates from him.  There is cold and nothing.  God is love. 1st John 4:8.  By definition for love to be fulfilled there must be something to love.  God looks out over the nothingness of space, sees in his mind the physics that is needed to accomplish the meeting of the desire to have something to love and says “Let there be light.”  Instantly there is an explosion, they physics plays out in a millisecond.  God looks out and see billions of stars shining in the universe.  He looks out and see all of the planets he has created by simply speaking in perfect orbits balancing the universe in perfect symmetry so it all keeps the little blue planet orbiting around it’s star so that the liquid on the planet neither freezes solid, nor turns into steam.  The gravitational pull of its star is perfect and it’s rotation around the star is set at a perfect 93 million miles.  At this distance the radiation is defused enough so when he places his creation on the planet they will be safe.  Again, God speaks and the little blue planet is covered in plant life. The plants will produce oxygen and food for the inhabitants God is about to place there.  God speaks, and the animals come to life.  God (being total love) looks out at his creation and realizes that all of the animals that he has placed on the earth being loved by him are not enough.  None of them are in his image that can return his love.  None of them have a choice to love him or not.  He knows that in order for another being to love him he/she must have the choice not to love him.  He knows the choices that this being is going to make before he creates the being.  He knows that he is going to have to redeem this being giving himself as a sacrifice to purify this being so it can return into his pure presence.  God also knows that this being is not something he will just speak into being, but will be fashioned out of the dirt of the ground; molded into his own image and he will breathe life into this being.  He knows also he will call this being Man and will breath his life into him.  Man will not only have God’s spirit living within him, but will walk with him and talk with him daily until….  God decides the love is worth the pain.  He steps onto earth, into the perfect Garden he has created, and sets to molding his image out of the dirt.  He works until the form lies lifeless on the ground.  He places his mouth over the mouth of the man and breaths into Man.  The man’s eyes open, he takes another breath and another.  Looks into God’s face smiles stands and hugs him.   Man in God’s image would need someone physical that he could return his love to, God creates woman out of man.  And they would fall.   From the beginning God the Father knew how he would bring man back to himself.  He new it would take a couple of thousand years.  He knew that he had to have the perfect time to come to man in mans form and be willing to go through a painful death, and walk out of the grave to redeem man.  He understood that most men would still choose to talk away from the love and grace that he would offer.  Yet for the few he chose to love and walk among us in the person of his only begotten son Jesus the Christ.  And that my friend is why we have Christmas.
Go in peace