John 10:27-28
                                                                We are his sheep,
I was sure Lakeview Christian Academy would win.  Even in the last couple days of practice when the best players on the team were sick I was sure they would win.  Was it God or was it me that “Knew” Lakeview would win.  As I look back over the years with all the time I have followed Fathers leading and been right I have to ask Father on this one “Father how did I miss you?”  I think I am hearing the answer loud and clear on this one. It’s not about me, it’s about Fathers purpose.   He took 19 young men, and one of the best coaches I have ever seen and took them to a level that was amazing.  They have on their team one of the greatest players ever to play in the state of Minnesota.  Father put that together with a coach who truly loves him with all his heart soul and mind.  Somehow there is a victory for Lakeview in all of this.  Father never loses.  12 points was the difference.   Lakeview had fewer points.  We can’t see the mind of Father yet in all of this.  I know coach Newstrom had it right when he said the real victory happened 2000 years ago.   The Lakeview lions had a victory yesterday.  Father will reveal what that victory really looks like.  It’s about God and his kingdom, it’s about Christ and his resurrection, it about the Holy Spirit and his leading. 
Go in peace