Joel 2:28-32  
                                                                Fathers promise to pour out his spirit.
This is the promise that was executed and fulfilled in acts 2.  This is the promise that was is an answer to the prayer of the Christ in John 17.  These are more than just mere words. By the fulfilling of the promise God himself would begin to indwell man.  By the completion of this promise which Christ death and resurrection made possible man cannot only walk into Fathers presence but Fathers  through his Spirit actually indwells man.  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU?  This means in some portion we can actually tap into the mind of God directly.  We can actually have his guidance in all that we do.   The big question is. Are we tapping into the gifts that Father is giving us?  Father speaks to us everyday, are we listening to his warm guiding voice?  One may ask “How do I hear God’s voice?”  It could be a nudge into one direction over another, it could be actual words that pop into your mind. It could be something that clicks through the word in your morning devotional, it could be someone else saying something to you that answer the question you have been praying about.  Father speaks, we have to be willing to looking, and listening so that we grasp what he is telling. The key is to always, I mean always in every situation and circumstance listen and he will lean.
Just listen