Job 13
Job too many seems to be very arrogant. Perhaps he was. He had a boldness to confront God the Father like no one else I have seen in the scripture.  If we look back on the opening of the narrative of Job we will see that God trusted him.  Our Father knew no matter what Job would continue to trust Him.  Last night upon arriving home I was called across the street to meet with a neighbor.  She is in her 70s.  We live in a pretty tight neighborhood.  There were a couple of deaths over the weekend.  Jayne was really shook up.  “Why would God do this?” She asked me.  At first I had no answer, I just kept praying.  I realized that Father had placed me there at that time for a reason.  I simply looked up and waited for an answer. In a situation like that platitudes just don’t seem to cut it.  The point that comes out in the end of job is exactly what happened.  We can’t see the beginning from the end.  We can’t understand the mercies of our Father.  We can’t see that persons future if they had been left here. We can’t understand what dismal future they could have had, had they been left on this earth.  It comes down to trust.  It comes down to being willing to walk through this life knowing that Father always, I mean , always has our best interest in every step he takes with us.  When something happens the first question has to be, what Father am I supposed to learn from this.  Father will show us exactly what we are supposed to learn…
Go in peace