Jeremiah 29:15-32  

Father will free us

Father will deliver us from our captivity.  The question each and every one of us needs to ask is what is my captivity?  We need to think of ourselves as Eaglets, we are shackled to the ground, when we try to take off we get a few feet off the ground and the chain breaks our flight and we are pulled back to the ground.  That is what we are being freed from.  A friend of mine has seen chains that held her down for a lot of years fall off.  She is now flying in the ministries that our Father has for her.  She is being used to touch hearts and minds of people in their own captivity.  Seeing the Holy Spirit use this woman in a powerful way gives hope to all of us that whatever is holding us down is just a matter of time for Father to remove it and for us to be able to walk into the light and see Father’s glory touch those around us.  We must be careful not to walk back into a situation that is going to shackle us again.  Walk in the freedom that you have been given and do not allow yourself to be put back into the chains of bondage.

Go in peace