.Jeremiah 20:11-23
                                                                     Fathers plan to prosper us.
In verse 10 Father is bringing Israel out of exile.  They have learned their lesson.  His promise is to prosper them.   As Father set in his mind to bring his people out of their worst national nightmare and prosper them as a country he is doing the same today with the hearts and minds of men.  He gave us His promise that he will to prosper us for the building of his kingdom.  So many times this is where the name it and claim it folks take off.  My contention is their motives are off here.  He was not going to prosper us for us; he was going to prosper us for His own glory.  He was going to proper us to rebuild relationship with us in our own lives.  He may prosper us monetarily, or spiritually, with our families or all of the above.  Father prospers us today to give us a platform to reach those around us in a way that their hearts and minds can be touched by his Holy spirit  because of the Sacrifice his son the Christ made on the cross and conquering death walked out of the grave for us.  Here is the bottom line in all of this. Father will prosper us in many different ways. We are to use that prosperity as a platform to reach out to those around us in a way that their lives can be touched by his Holy Spirit.  We must have our minds set on things above and not on things of this earth.  We must have our minds centered on Christ and his Kingdom.  As we do this we will start to experience real prosperity. 
Go in peace