James 1:1-18     

When something looks good, I mean really good, is it?

Have you ever heard the term Pretty Poison?  James talks about falling into temptations.  Temptations take on many shapes and colors.  A temptation can be another person, or it can be a thing, such as, cars, boats, motorcycles.  It can be anything the enemy could use to pull our attention away from that which Father would have us concentrate on.  There are temptations which are obvious.  I am talking about a more subtle attempt the enemy uses to draw ones attention away from that which Father wants us to complete for his kingdom.  That temptation can actually be something good, but if it takes us away from that which Father wants us to complete for his kingdom and we fall into distraction , the enemy gets a small victory.  The challenge this morning is to keep our focus on Father’s kingdom.  Keep our focus on the task he has set before us to complete.  If something “pops” in that looks really good and we are “drawn” away from that which father wants us to complete take steps to make sure that which Father wants completed gets completed.  Then after what Father has laid out for you to do is done, and you can still see something of value in that which has come across your path start praying if that is something Father wants you to take part in.  Remember our focus has to be on his kingdom.  Father will show us how this or that thing fits into his kingdom, and his out reach.

Go in peace