James 5:13-20   

 When some one is sick, pray.

Have you ever noticed that the last thing we do is pray.  A person finds out they are sick with something they go to the Doc. It get’s worse and worse, finally just before there body gives out they pray as a last resort.  When are we going to learn that prayer has to be the first thing that we do.  Know this there will always be a healing.  What that healing looks like at this point we may not know.  These bodies we live in are designed to die.  Originally the design was to live forever, however at the fall our DNA was changed.  Three organs the brain, the kidney, and the heart stopped reproducing cells. This happened so we would die.  Each one of us has an appointed day.  So when something goes wrong, pray and ask Father what course of action needs to be taken.  I have seen some of Fathers handiwork.  I have seen cancers healed.  I have seen kidneys without function start to work again.  I have also heard no when I have prayed for people.   The question is this, are we willing to seek our Father Grace in asking for a healing. 

We have to be willing to seek Father in all areas of our lives.  At this point I am going through radiation treatment for prostate cancer.  Not a big deal, they caught it early.  I received lots and lots of advice on the best way to handle it.  But the one thing I did instantly is start asking Father to heal it.  Thought about radioactive beads, even had the date set to have them implanted.  No peace. So that was canceled.  I decided on 8 weeks of treatment.  Every day I go through 15 minutes of radiation directly into my prostate.   I told Troy, my doc, that I was expecting a miracle.  I had the psa levels checked the day my treatment was to start. They were not at the agreed level we had discussed for God to have done his thing.  But what has been going on is the praying for people that I do almost every day while I am there. I pray for staff, I pray for patients.  The doc even told me the miracle is that I am there.  So here is the bottom line.  First things first. Pray expect Father to do something with whatever circumstance you are in.  Then follow Fathers leading in the best way to handle a situation. 

Go in peace