James 4:1-6
                                                                         Friendship with God or the world?
We are all placed on this world for a purpose.  That purpose is to bring Glory to our Father through the Son by the Spirit in all that we do.  In this life we are all given talents to accomplish those things which we are given to do.  We each are given choices when it comes to those talents.  1. We can take the gain from those talents and lavish them upon ourselves, or we can use those talents and the gain from them in a way that builds Father’s kingdom, If we approach something that was accomplished through us as ours we are taking our Father out of the picture and placing our self in a position of taking credit that really belongs to our Father in heaven.  That is a dangerous position to be in.  We must take a look at those things Father does through us in a way that brings the credit back to where it needs to be.  If we are given great wealth it is to be used to touch those Father puts across our path.   Remember if we love that which we gain through our gifting instead of the giver of the gift that makes us an enemy of the giver.  
Give credit where credit is due
And walk in God’s peace