James 3:1-5
                                                                  The tongue
Have you ever noticed how much trouble can be caused by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Worse yet, ever notice how much trouble can be caused by wrong teaching done in a way the persuaded the people listening. The opposite is also true. A kind word turns away wrath.  Yesterday in church we had an amazing service.  The theme of the service was to reach outside ourselves and be used by the Spirit and we would see lives around us touched in amazing ways.  When we are willing to talk to people the Holy Spirit can use the words we say to draw people to the Christ.   However, if we live our lives in such a way that it show’s what we say Is not the way we live it can and does push people away from the Christ.  Here is the bottom line. Our Father in his great wisdom created us with the ability to talk.  We need to choose words carefully, and then live those words out in a way that shows we really are servants of the great I Am.
Go in peace