James 2:1-18
                                                What do we do when an answer just is not clear?
James tells us to ask Father for wisdom and he gives liberally.  I have an issue I have been struggling with for the last few days.  I have gotten input from some trusted people.  No agreement. I continued to seek Father’s face on what needed to be done.   It had to do with the honor of a person who had worked tirelessly for over a year on a project Father laid out to be accomplished.  To be honest it has to do with the cover of the book Father had me write Eli greatness begins.   Make no mistake I wrote the book.  Father gave me the words to put down on the paper.  The book is a creation because of the gifting Father has given me.  However, I had a huge problem.  My grammar and spelling has much to be desired.  I have written in the past about being that little boy staring out the window day dreaming when grammar was being taught.   Father through an absolute miracle brought the person into my life to work on the project with me.   To help me build the story of Eli in a way that a publisher would look at and publish.  I like to compare writing to building a house.   One has to know what the end of the journey will look like to get there.   Father was the master designer of the project.  He down loaded to me his plans for the story.    I wrote it as it was given.  Things like punctuation, verb use, you name it, and it needed to be polished so it would flow smoothly enough to be accepted by a publisher.  Let me make this point clear. Story line, plot, character building were all things I did.  That was all me. (And of course our Father.)  She fixed the structure.  Without her the book dies. No one would have given it a second look.  I have given her recognition on the title page of the book.  But the cover I did not want to use to give her credit for the work she accomplished to get this project published.   My ego was telling me “you wrote the book, you are entirely responsible for its content.  That is a true statement.   However, without her help the content would not have been put forth in a manner conducive to having it published.  She had a major part in this project.  She is not the author however.   The question is then, what will I do.  I have to decide today.   This decision is eternal.   The question I ask Father is this. Should she be on the title?  I think I have an answer.   But then other thoughts come into my mind.   I will choose correctly. I will listen to Father. His name will be glorified.
Pray for me