Isaiah 6:7-9
                                                                      Here I am, send me.
The question comes to mind.  How many of us would say, here I am, send anybody but me!   What is our attitude towards going where Father wants to send us?  This question nags me. If Father wants me to go somewhere am I willing to do it.  We are given roles to play in Father’s purpose.  If we won’t do it he will find some one else to do it.  The question is do we really understand the gifts, and rewards, and blessings we give up by refusing what Father is leading us into.  Do we understand the gifting that Father has given us and he wants to use for his glory.  It’s time to take a hard, realistic look at our gifting. Then we need to ask Father how he wants to use them.  Then we need to be the one who will stand front and center and be willing to say. “Here am I, send me.”  Now after we tell Father to send us, we have to be willing to go wherever he sends us.  I encourage you to go back and see some of the trips Father has sent me on just in the last couple of weeks, and once again experience the results that Father produces when we do listen to him.  I really encourage each and every one of us to take the steps needed to really listen to what Father is leading you to do.  You will be amazed.
Go in peace