Isaiah 5:20
                                What happens when what God has made good is called evil?
In today’s lexicon the term (grey area) is used quite often when one is trying to discern good and evil.
I tend not to be the judgmental type, but when the word speaks clearly about something it becomes something I will not compromise on.  One may then ask the question “are there grey areas on anything?”   That is a fair question.  To be honest I don’t think so.  If one is willing to go to the word, and prayerfully consider what it says, one can find truth about any situation.  In the title of this I put for the question that is written above.  We see in the world today many, many times where a good action is called evil because it does not fit into one’s world view or at the very least his/her personal agenda.   This is an extremely scary position to place oneself in.   By calling someone evil who Father has changed from the inside out  is to say the redemption Christ paid for on the cross, and the change he has made in that person’s heart is evil.  Let me say that is not a good position to put oneself in.   We are called as believers to be that one who is supportive of the change Father is making in people’s hearts.  Father by the Son through the Spirit makes people whole, cleanses their hearts, and brings them into his purpose.  Our job is to help them be the best they can be with the gifting Father has created in them to work in the building of his kingdom.  It’s time to realize that Father wants us to call good, good.  To realize his purpose is to see people’s hearts changed and become part of his kingdom that will never end.   Let’s walk in his goodness.  And walk away from the evil that people try to deliver on us calling it good.
Go in peace.