Isaiah 41:10
                                                             Fear not!
When was the last time you were really afraid.  I mean really afraid. You knew you had to do something, you understood the battle that was ahead of you, and you were almost paralyzed with fear.  You knew deep down in your heart what you had to do, but taking that step to start brought a fear so strong you trembled.  This morning Isaiah’s word Fear not rings out so strong.  I also would draw you attention to psalm 3, here we see David’s determination to trust in our Father in a way that is truly amazing.  The enemy of our soul will throw everything he can at us to try and destroy what our Father through the Son by the Spirit is trying to do.  When the enemy is mounting a full frontal attack on what Father is trying to do, step back. Take another look at these two excerpts of Scripture. Then walk forward in the strength of our Father God almighty and take that first step towards victory in his Son the Christ by the Spirit who indwells us.  Fathers leading will lead to victory.  Many times we don’t understand what that victory really looks like, but it always leads to victory.
Go in peace