Isaiah 11 
                                                                                The lion shay lay with the lamb
Here is the promise of the coming messiah.   As I read this, this morning I was struck by the peace that overwhelmed me.  We see the animal kingdom being at peace with each other.  They are no longer surviving by destroying each other.  By profession I am a sales guy.  I survive by beating the competition.  I have to prove that what I do every day is better than the guy I am competing against.  Every day I am competing against several different people.  Sometimes I win sometimes I lose. But the bottom line is my goal is to take out the other guy.   Every day in school kids learn that competition is a good thing.  They learn that their school is number one.  To survive in the country one has to approach every day with a can do attitude.   I have had several attempts by companies try to bring me on board because of the way that I sell.  What I try to do is deal with my customers the way Christ would have me do it.   I always am putting my customers ahead of myself.  But here is the crux of this passage.  When Christ returns it will become as in the days of Eden.  Man and animal will be at peace with one another.  Man will no longer have to take out the competition to survive.  Father will supply all of our needs according to his riches.  Man will no longer be trying to destroy each other for his personal gain, is competition bad?  No it is not in and of itself.  It just will not be needed for survival.  Man will be at peace with his brother, and with the rest of Fathers creation.
Go in peace