II Samuel Chapters 9-12
                                           Our choices really do matter.
In the first two chapters we see a mighty king.  One who God himself has chosen to rule over his people. We see a king who is totally sold out to God almighty.  Then we hit chapter 11.  Here is where David decides that it is best if he stays behind while his men go fight his battles.  This is the time when his kingship which had always been in subjection to God our Fathers would suddenly become his. He would use his power in such an evil way that it would destroy his family.  It would actually cost him his sons that were alive at this point in history. It would cause the sword never to pass from his family as long as he lived.  This was the point at which David would take another mans wife, and have Uriah killed making him a murderer.  There are several lessons that can be gained from this.  The most important is this. We are given freedom of choice.   In every situation that we find our self in that choice can be broken into to categories.  One: are we going to do things the way our Father would have us do them? Or are we going to open the door to the enemy of our soul and risk losing Fathers blessings on our lives, and possibly on the lives of our kids and grandkids.  When David had Uriah murdered he destroyed Uriah kids and grandkids and his as well.  Nathan would tell David that the sword would never pass from his house.  The family feud that ensued because of David opening the gate to the enemy of our souls would soil his legacy forever.  He would always be a man after God’s own heart. Yet his sin would haunt him the rest of his life.  When we have a choice to make. When we can sense the darkness. Choose light that you may live
Go in peace