Hosea  13:1-4
                                                                    What are our idols?
This is where Ephraim worships Baal and dies.  The question I would like each of us to ask ourselves is do I worship Baal.  At the very minute the E.L.C.A. voted to ordain Homosexuals the cross was blown off the steeple of the church the vote was taken in.  What we worship can be seen in where our focus is.  The E.L.C.As focus was being politically correct and not on the Word of God that they claim to represent. Our focus always has to be on what Father is putting before us on any given day.  In our occupations, in our personal relationships, in our recreation our focus has to be on what Father is leading to do in any given situation and not on simply pleasing ourselves.  Today people’s focus has gone from what Father wants us to do in any situation to what will work for me in any given situation. Where is the next trip I can take? How can I afford to buy that next toy that I want?  It’s when the spirit of God our Father indwells and individual that the person can really start a life that never ends.  We are told to seek first the kingdom then everything else is added.  I have spoken here many times about being our on my bike and having door after door of ministry opened so I could be used to touch people.  I have felt the spirit in times of prayer on my boat.  Both are tools.  Both are instruments that Father uses to touch people I come in contact with.  Our focus must always I mean always be on Fathers kingdom.  We have a choice every morning. We can be an Ephriam and worship things.  Or we can be a Paul whose total focus was on where Father was leading him each and every day.  The choice is ours.
Choose wisely
Go in peace