Hebrews 9:27
                                                                                           The story of Eric.
This is my personal take on it’s appointed for man once.  The time we are born and the time we die are appointed by our Father.  However, the question came to mind does our Father “arrange” other appointments?  I have had two divine appointments in the last two day.  One was in proctor with a young man I attend CIC with and the other was a 30 something individual that I just “happened” to meet at the street car kitchen and pub in Carlton Minnesota today.  I over heard him speaking about this new young lady that he is interested in.  She is totally sold out to Christ.  I asked if I could give him a word of advice.  Permission granted.  I emphasized that if they were led into a marriage situation he needed to honor Fathers Gift to him for the rest of his life. I explained the loss of Sharon.  I was to find out that this young man had been a believer for only a couple of months.  His excitement level for Christ was amazing.  He had been searching for a long time; his search had led him to check out a number of cults.  This young man came to the conclusion that the only one person that offered hope was and is Christ.  He has literally been filled with the Holy Spirit of God himself.  Today I really felt I needed to stop and the streetcar as they are customers of mine.  I was not expecting it to turn out to be the God thing it was.  The one thing he stated was that every cult he checked out had one thing in common.  They all attacked the person of Jesus Christ.  As I listened to this young man the reasons for me coming in touch with Eric started to gel.  I came to understand the wealth of knowledge of the different cults that he had gained and the value it would be to other young people before they get involved with a cult.  I know that to put the material into a book would be a good thing. The problem is there are a mired of such books out there and no one reads them.  We spoke about this at length.  However, if we were to put it into a compelling story that would catch a readers attention much more could be accomplished.  I had been languishing about where to go with the next book in the Eli series. Greatness passed on. Remember it is appointed for man once to die and then the judgment.  To bring someone to Christ is to give them eternal life and a judgment of Holiness. To be judged without Christ………… we all know the answer. We are each given platforms in which to reach people Father brings us in contact with. Use that platform to bring the words of eternal life to them so they are not judge without Christ.
Go in peace