Hebrew 9:27 

It is appointed for man once to die and afterwards the judgment.

Yesterday I found out we lost a cousin to cancer. Her body could not handle the chemo and it just shut down.  In John 14:6 Jesus said I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by me.   To be honest I lost track of my cousin, so for me to know where she was at with Christ, I don’t.  God is her judge, not us.  But whenever someone dies and the question is there is raised about their eternity one must have doubts in their mind about where this person was at with the saivor. The question What if comes to mind. What if this person had been living a life sold out to Christ her entire life? Would have things been different for her?  What would her rewards be in heaven?  If at some point in her life, she accepted the Grace and Love of the Christ at this point would be walking in the presence of Christ.  If not………………   That’s not my call.  This I do know, Fathers word say’s there is only one way into his presence.  That is through His Son Jesus Christ.   I don’t like being at this point thinking about anyone.  Not knowing a person eternity can weigh on the soul.  The challenge today is this. Ask Father to bring someone to mind who needs to know him, and go talk to that person.  Tell them about the saving grace that is offered through the Christ.  Be that person Father uses to draw someone to him.

Go in peace