Hebrews 12:2
                                                                                Christ is the Author.
Tuesday afternoon I received in my email the proofs for the cover of the book “I” have written.   They were nothing like what” I” had envisioned.  “I” was angry to say the least.  “I” had taken a great deal of time explaining to the cover guy what “I” wanted.  “I” wrote him a less that complementary email explaining exactly how “I” felt about what he had sent me.  “I” had a letter about half written to the CEO of the company when my phone rang. “I” answer it and its great friend that “I” had not heard from for a long time.   “I” started telling her exactly what was going on in my life with the book.  First she got me calmed down.  Then she simply asked me a few questions.  Like “Michael, you just told me everything that was going on in your life.  How many times did you use the word  “I”?  You’re always telling me to trust. Yet where is your trust.  How many times in our lives has the little one letter word “I” gotten in the way of what Father through the Son by the Spirit is trying to do in our lives.  Yesterday” I” spoke with Blake my cover guy and talked about changes that are  needed to take place to make one of the covers really work.  I was reminded by a cousin of mine who the real author of the work really is.  I came to realize that Father has a plan.  “I” need to be willing to step aside and let him be who He is.  Instead of “Me” being the author. Hebrews tells us Christ is the author.  He starts the story, he writes the body of the story, and he covers the story.  We just have to be willing to listen to the author for his direction on how we get through his story.
Go in peace