Hebrews 12:1-3
                                                                We must all keep our eyes on the prize
I am a committed member of my church living stones fellowship in Duluth.  Recently I have been visiting a Lutheran church close by as I do have some friends who attend there as well.      One of those friends is Bob.  As a person would walk through the door on a Sunday Bob would great them with a hearty hand shake and say. “I am so glad to see you today. Welcome.”  Last night he left this flawed earth and walked into heavens perfection.  I can only imagine his excitement when he walked through the doors of that perfect place and heard the Christ say to him.”Bob, we are so glad you’re here, you have kept your Eyes on the prize. Come in and enjoy your reward.  One would never hear out of Bob’s mouth anything like. “You really messed up on that one.” The only thing out of Bob’s mouth was “We are so glad you’re here.”  I knew this man hardly at all, but as I would look upon this man who kept his eyes on the prize I could sense the Holy Spirit on him in a great way.  We can all learn from this man’s lesson.  We all have to be able to say to the person who comes across our path.  We are so glad you’re here.  Remember Father is bringing that person across our path for a reason.  Father is bringing that person across our path so we can be used, if only for a second, to be his instrument of hope and encouragement in that other person’s life.  As we keep our eyes on the prize (Christ Jesus) remember we could be the last person this person sees on this earth.  We could be his last best hope for eternity.  Let’s be that person who Father uses to touch that other individual who after this life on this earth is over hears those same words when he walks through the gate into Fathers presence. “I am so glad you’re here.
I am go glad you’re here
Go in peace