Hebrews 10:1-10

                                    What does God really want from us?

This makes it crystal clear that there is nothing we can give that will cleanse us of the sin that we were born with. However, we are cleansed by the blood of him who paid the price for our sin.

That raises a question then. Why do we have to give anything to our Father in heaven if he paid the price for what we have done. It’s like this, we give not out of obligation, but out of thankfullness for our sin by what the Christ did on the Cross. Because of what Jesus the Christ did for us on the cross we have a newness of life we need to share. Our giving back to Father because of what he did for us by his son through His Spirit should be a natural out flow of who we are in Christ. We need to keep our ears and hearts open to Father’s leading on this. When we see someone in need and we give them help we are giving to Father. When we see someone hungry and feed them we are giving to Father. When we see someone hurting and give them a shoulder to cry on we are giving to Father. (John 5:28-29).

Money is important to help our local churches keep ministering to the people Father has placed within it’s doors. More important is our individual outreach to those around us. It only takes a moment to help someone in need, it may even take an hour or a day. The blessings to this person are what Father uses to draw that person to himself. Remember as we have done it onto the least of these we have done it to God our Father through the Son by His Spirit.

Go in peace