2 Thessalonians 3:6-15 He who does not work should not eat.

Paul  also alludes to something he said in another letter. 1 Corinthians 15:22 Bad company is the ruin of good morals.  Let’s define a term. That term would be keeping company with someone.  That would be far more than an acquaintance.  To keep company is to have a closer relationship.  To invest ones time in a relationship is to be drawn into that persons character.  Paul here is speaking of the person who has a character trait of being lazy.  This person is capable of gainful employment; however they would rather suck the life blood from society and just not do anything.  We as believers can and should offer that person gainful employment if we are in the position to do so.  However, if they are not willing to work they should not eat.  If a person is not capable of gainful employment it is another matter completely.  That person is worthy of our help. But remember, we are created in the image of our Father.  Because we are created in the image of Father we have creative tendencies.  We all have an inward drive to accomplish something.  To go against that characteristic and to neglect that creative characteristic is wrong.  So let’s work together to accomplish much. Let’s put aside those things which drag us down.  Let’s accomplish the task which Father has laid before us to accomplish

Go in peace