Genesis 2:18
                                                                It is not good for man to dwell alone.
Just before Christmas I slipped on the ice and tore my rotator cuff.  I just started physical therapy and it hurts.  Not only does it hurt but the medication the doctor gave me does not seem to help much.  Guess what, it’s easy to avoid the exercises because there is no one here to push me.  5 years ago if this had happened to me my bride would have been on my butt to get the exercises done. She was a nurse and a great mom and the love of my life.  But when I needed to be pushed she not only pushed she chewed my butt until I got done what needed to be accomplished.  I remember back to January 1 1998. I had fallen and broken my leg skiing with my son Jon at Monte lac ski resort in Duluth.  She met us at the emergency room.  She being a nurse was able to help with me and free some of the other staff for helping other people.  She hurt me. She was not sorry; she knew what had to be done and a bit of pain was necessary to get me back to where I needed to be.  To be honest over the last few years I have enjoyed being able to avoid the pain. When something painful would come up I would find a way of avoiding said pain.  At times I need to be called on the carpet if you will.  My daughter Rebecca nailed me on something this afternoon.  Again it was painful to deal with, but it was an area I needed to deal with. It was refreshing.   The warm fuzzies of a relationship are nice.  It’s the pain; it’s the calling each other on the carpet when we mess up that make it worth while.  Relationships are hard work.  Don’t be scared of the hard work. Let the pain that comes with it be something that get’s both you and your partner to the greatness Father has for you.
Go in peace