Genesis 19:12-29
                                                                                        Lots wife
Lot living in Sodom was surrounded by evil. He even had it visited upon his door by Homosexual men who wanted to have sex with the angels that were visiting Lot. When the morning came to escape the city the angels visiting lot had to physically take their hand and lead them out as they were taking to much time leaving.  They were warned not to look back but flee from the sin that was about to be destroyed.  Lot’s wife longed to be back into the garbage dump that was Sodom.  That raises the question, how many times have we longed for the days when we were trapped in a sin.  How many days have we been talking to friends and joked about how “good” it was when we were doing this or that in high school or college?  It was clearly going against everything that was good, yet we did it anyway.  Yet there is something within us that longs for those days.  Lots wife longed for those day, and it turned her into a pillar of salt.  A pillar that just fell into the earth.  Remember in Luke 9:62. The Christ tells us when we put our hand to the plow not to look back. Father has pulled us out of the sess pool of sin.  Don’t entertain thoughts of going back in. Just keep walking away from it.  Don’t allow your self to long for those “good ole days” again. Instead rejoice in what Father through his Son by his spirit has brought you out of.  Rejoice that he has set your feet upon a rock.  Rejoice that he has recreated you into the image of him who gives us life that does not end; it just goes from one stage in eternity to another.   When we do that then we can rest assured that the sin which entangled us will not do so again.   Walk in his newness daily, and do not look back.
Go in peace