Genesis 12:1-3   

This is God’s promise to Abraham.  That he would be the Father of many nations.   There are things that are going on in my life right now that require a great deal of patients.  If you ask my siblings and even my children they will tell you that I am somewhat impulsive and tend to fly by the seat of my pants at times. 

Right now I understand the reward that is at stake.  As we look at good old Abe we see a man who is without patients.  God made a promise and then he took matters into his own hands.  Hence we see the whole thing in the Middle East.  We see the family feud with the children of promise and the children of the hand maiden.  Something occurred to me this morning.  Patients builds trust.  How much do we trust that Father really does have everything under control?  Do we really believe that if we just wait and trust his timing everything will be perfect that he has happen in his time?  Abe had a promise, that promise was something that he had to hold close to his heart and be willing to trust that God really did have everything under control.  He took matters into his own hands and had Ishmael.  Father kept his promise and along came Isaac. One the child of promise one not.  The enemy will come against us with wanting things to happen now!   This week has been one of many lessons for me.  Lessons for me that have been hard to learn.  One of forcing me to overcome my inner self needing answers to question, and one of Fathers spirit getting me through this in ways that are truly amazing.  It comes down to trusting Father in all that he does.  My prayer for each of us is to simply trust.

Just trust.