Gen. 1:31

God looked at everything he made and saw that it was VERY! Good.  Man was and is part of God’s creation and Father says it’s very good.  When we put ourselves down it makes Father a liar.

When we say I’m just a……………. we are taking value out of what Father has done in us and we make

Him a liar.  The key is to know who we are in Christ.  So I ask each and every one of us who are we in

Christ.  A mom, a dad, a business owner, A Doctor, A garbage collector, a secretary, a mom, all have high value. But mom   I said twice but that position is the key to how everything else works.   Father has a purpose, a plan.  Every one of us has a key role in that purpose.   What we have to be aware of is this, his role he has for us is key to our part in his purpose.  The people we come in contact with are the ones he has sent us to for a reason.  We are the ones he wants to use to reach them.   Father does not need stelf  believers.

He has given us a command to go and speak forth his word.    Father has put us where we are for a reason.  Those reasons are his.  I can hear it know,” I hate my job.”  “How can you say that God placed me here when I hate it so much?”    My question to you is this, how many people do you work with?

Has anyone ever came to you with a problem,  have you ever made yourself open to someone coming to you with a problem.  Are you willing to pray with that person about said problem?  You may be the only

Person who has any kind of relationship with our Father that your friend knows.    What if you’re the last person that person speaks with on this earth period.   What it……………….

Go in peace

Serve the lord

Thanks be to God