Galatians 6:11-15

We see Paul telling the Galatians to not Glory in their achievements, but glory only in the cross of Christ.   Last night the conversation turned to a portion of the second book I will be having published.  I read that portion and was told that it was really well written, and had the ability to bring about the truths of the scripture in a way the reader can see Fathers truths without feeling “preached to.”  Then this friend proceeded to praise me for the Job. That puts us both in a very dangerous place to be for both of us.  Whenever Father accomplishes something through us we must be careful to point all the credit back to him.  We are his hands and feet here on the earth.  Imagine for a minute you’re the secretary to a CEO of a major company. He calls you into his office and dictates a letter to you for the take over of a small company.  You take it in shorthand, then you type it, then you mail it.  The letter is from the CEO and not you.  That is the same approach that we all must take when Father has us accomplish something that he puts in front of us to do.  What is accomplished through us MUST be seen by those around us as something Father accomplished NOT US.  To take any credit at all is an extremely dangerous thing.  Are you a teacher?  Then do the best job you are capable of, and understand that it is Father teaching those kids through you.  You are the scalpel in the surgeon’s hand.  Be that vehicle that Father uses to accomplish great things. But remember you’re just a tool in Father Hand.  You may be a car, but you are not the driver. 

Go in peace