Galatians 5:7-15

                How many of us have fallen into the trap of legalism.  It actually can be a noose around ones neck.  When one starts telling another that besides what Christ did on the cross one must do this and that to be saved one is walking on some very dangerous ground.   In Mark 16:16 we are told what one must do to be saved. Believe and be Baptized.   These are the things the scripture tells must happen for a person to be saved.  A friend of mine got in touch with me yesterday, she was dealing with a cultist group who was putting on all sorts of bogus things on a people to control them with the idea that it would lead to their salvation.  How sad for the people who were being sucked into such lies.  There are like sheep being led to slaughter.  We who are the redeemed must I repeat MUST!  Stand in the gap for our friends who is falling into such deceit. We must be knowledgeable enough in the scripture, or have quick access to someone who does to show these people where they are being led astray.  It’s time we are all better armed to take on those who would add to what Father has provided for our redemption.  We are at war, like any good army we must be prepared for the battle.

Go in peace