Galatians 5:1                                                                                                                                                               &nb sp;&n bsp;                Freedom in Christ
The other day I talked about being unequally yoked.  I want to expand on those thoughts a bit here. Our freedom is not in ourselves, it is in Christ.  As we look at the Donkey, and Ox illustration I used.  I explained what happens when you put two animals together to pull something together that Father did not design them to pull together.  Both animals are not able to perform the task they were designed for.  As an individual we are given a freedom in Christ.  When we put ourselves with the wrong person/people that freedom is hindered and we are not able to be as productive as we should be.  When we place ourselves with the people of Fathers choosing we then will experience not a hindrance but an enhancement to the freedom that Father has for us.  We are able to move in Fathers love and caring in such a way that Father is able to reach out and touch those around us.  I encourage you to seek out Fathers choices for you.  In every realm of your life you need to be connected with Fathers choices that will enhance what he is leading you into and not distracting from his purpose.   Remember what Jesus the Christ said in John 8:31-32.  We are to abide in him.  As we do this keeping our focus on Father and his Kingdom through his Son the Christ, by the Holy Spirit he will lead us into the relationships in all parts of our lives that can truly enhance what he is doing in us and through us.  Remember we are to be equally yoked in all parts of our lives. Business, personal, church, family our growth and the growth of those around us depend in a large part to our reliance on the Christ for guidance and sustenance.  When we allow key parts of those relationships to be a hindrance instead of an enhancement we are in for trouble.  Keep your focus on Fathers kingdom through the Son by the Spirit, and all will go well with you.
Go in peace