Galatians 5:1-12
                                                                    We have been set free, let’s stay free
Let me take you back to the mid 70s.  Sharon and I have been dating a short period of time.  We are involved with a ministry called the Christian Fellowship workers of Duluth.  We were to get married, and had relationship with the leadership of the group.   This group is keeping the members under their thumb and exercising a great deal of control.  A number of things happened that forced Sharon and I to realize this group was not something we should be involved with.  This could have been an on going ministry if they would have had some supervision that could have guided them into what Father had intended.  The legalism became crushing.  Freedom in Christ did not exist.  The message I have for all of us today is this.  Our Father through the Christ, by the Holy Spirit is about setting his people free from the bondage of sin.  We have been set free to walk in that freedom, and be used by Father to set more people free from that which entangle us.  When we are told we have to do this thing, and that thing to be saved that is not a true statement.  We have to have received Christ sacrifice into our lives, have repented of our sins, and walk in his newness and freedom.  As we walk in his freedom the fruit of the spirit will become evident to all as we walk in the freedom we are given.  We choose our master.  When we choose the bondage of sin we are put into chains.  When we choose Christ as our master we are set free to walk in his love and light.
Go in peace
Walk in his light