Revelation 21:1-8
                                                                                         He makes all things new.
I had lunch today with an old classmate.  Actually I stopped  by to talk to the owner of the restaurant where she works to offer him some credit card service.  As I walked in I heard a voice say “Hi mike.. “
I first looked , did not recognize her at first until  she took off her glasses.  I said her name the second I recognized her.  She had to take care of customers as they came in, but after the lunch rush we had some time of conversation.  I showed her Eli and it opened doors of conversation.   We talked about platform and giftings.  She explained how she is now involved with ministry type of things giving her the ability to be a source of hope for many other women.  We talked at length about her being used by our Father in those positions.  I took some time to explain that we are all place in a position of influence.  Father is going to make all things we go through work for good in one way or another.   Father is now getting glory out of what he brought her out of as she deals with ladies who are coming out of the situation she found herself in.  She was an encouragement for me.  She had made choices in her youth many of us would consider unwise at the very least.  Yet today Father is using her to touch younger ladies who have made those same choices as she works to get them out of the situation they have placed themselves in.  I applaud my friend for working her platform to reach as many people as she can.  We can all take a lesson from her.
Go in peace