Matthew 17:13-16
                                                                        Who do people say that I am?
The Christ had just asked his follower who people said he was.   Then he asked the disciples and Peter answered.  “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Then Jesus made a statement that is true even today.  “Man has not revealed that to you, but God himself.”   Today Father reveals himself to People in many ways.  The problem comes when people won’t see it.  They just cannot accept the fact that our Father would want to reach down and touch a man’s spirit by his Son through his Spirit.  On the fourth I had a meeting with an old English teacher from Carlton high school.  His name is Bill.  Please pray for Bill that the Spirit of God will be able to reach down and touch his heart in a way that will change him forever.   The Holy Spirit is a true gentleman.  He will not force himself on anyone.   We had sat down over breakfast to discuss the book that Father had me write.  Being his only published author that he knew of over a 25 year teaching career it gave me a unique platform to reach out to him.  We each have these types of platforms to use to touch people.   Jesus the Christ came to seek and save the lost.  We are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, all we have to do is listen and he (the Holy Spirit) will give us direction on how he wants us to be his vehicles to touch those around us.  I will to continue to stay in contact with Bill.  Hopefully the things the Lord Jesus Christ say’s through me will touch a cord and he will come to the saving knowledge of who God is through the Spirit by the Son.
Be willing to be used