Luke 8:16-18
                                                                                    Don’t cover up your lamp.
                This is a real warning to the Church.  We are to be that lamp on a hill, and we are NOT to put that lamp under a basket.  We are all given talents.  We are to use those talents for the kingdom.  If we don’t use those talents for the kingdom they can be taken from us.    We must at all times keep open hearts and minds and ears to what Father is leading us to do.  As we keep our self- open to Fathers leading we will have situations put in front of us that in a small or maybe even a big way can change someone’s life forever.   Here is my suggestion for this morning.  Take an inventory of the situations Father has placed you in.  How did you handle them?  I find myself doing this quite often. What it does is help one learn from mistakes and cement what one does correctly.   This enables us to learn from the situations Father places us in.  It also enables us to become keenly aware of new situations he is placing in front of us.  Remember this Father’s words are life.  When we are placed into a situation where we can share Fathers word with someone we are speaking life into their spirit.   Remember this. Father through the Son by the Spirit changes one life at a time by using his Kid (us) to do it.  So go forth in the giftings you have been given.
Speak the Word
See lives changed