Luke 5:27
                                                                Levi left it all
                Imagine this; you’re a tax collector sitting at your table. You’re going about your business taking money from the folks to pay their taxes and a bit more and putting it in your pockets.  You look up and see God incarnate.  He says only one thing to you. “Come follow me.”    I have a question for each and every one of us today. Are we willing to leave it all and follow the Christ?  Do we trust him enough to do that which we must do to accomplish that which he has set before us to accomplish?  Sometimes it’s a little thing, sometimes big.  We must however, do that which we are called to do no matter what the cost.  Father through the Son by his Holy Spirit calls each of us to something.  The question is are we going to answer that calling.  Walk in the calling he has on your life.  You will see greatness.
Go in peace