John 10:7-21 

                          Father will restore what Satan has taken from you.  

A friend of mine was given a promise.  Father will restore what Satan has stolen from you.  The enemy will use our thoughts, or choices, and other people to steal what Father has given us.  When this friend told me what was taken I felt the anger of a loving Father well up with in my very being.  As I spent time in prayer about this situation the promise keeps coming to mind. I will restore says the Lord.  The Christ is quoted in the 10th chapter of the Gospel of John as saying the thief come to kill, steal, and destroy but I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.  We must hang in there.  We must not quit. When God is getting ready to move in a strong way the enemy is going to attack with a vengeance.  We must not quit.  There is a project that Father has had me working on now for three years. It started small, and is at the point of being ready for completion.  Things keep happening to shut it down, but God will not be stopped.  My encouragement today is don’t give up.  Christ came not that the believer should go down in defeat, but that the believer should walk in the victory that Christ provided on the cross.  We have a promise of restoration.  Our choice is this, we can hold to the promise, or we can give up and walk away from that which Father has created to be.  Or we can hold to the promise and walk in what Father has created us to be.  That is a pretty clear choice, but it is ours to make.  The promise that my friend was given is one of restoration.  My friend was told to take that promise to the bank that restoration will be there.  Father through his Son has promised that Christ did what he did so we could have abundant life.  So we could be witnesses to Father’s goodness. Let’s walk in that.

Go in peace