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Galatians 6:1-3
                Today I thought I had an appointment with a pastor to discuss part of my third book “The man who built the Cross.”
The weather was terrible up here in northern Minnesota.  I went anyway.  On the way to the meeting I really had a need to stop at McDonalds on the arrowhead road. The problem the need for me to stop was not what I thought it was.  As I walked in I could see through a glass to my right a man praying over his lunch and making a sign of the cross. As I walked by to get my coffee I thanked him for being willing to pray in public over his meal.  I got my coffee and went back and asked if I could join him as he was sitting alone. We talked for a few moments and I asked him if he liked to read.  Getting a resounding yes I went to my car and grabbed a copy of Eli.  When I came back I told him I was the author.  He suddenly got a huge smile on his face and opened up to me like I was really not expecting.  He shared how he had messed up his life after Vietnam and a priest had led him back to Christ.  He kept looking at Eli saying how beautiful the book was. I had him read the top of page 25 and he nodded his approval.  He then told me he was going to get a biopsy on his leg.  Something about a war wound when he was in Nam.  I asked him if I could pray for him.  We prayed for a few moments and I saw relief come over his face.  He started to smile.  I felt I was supposed to “comp” him a copy of Eli because of his service and what he was going to go through.  He would have nothing of that.  We spent a few more moments together.  When I signed Eli I put my phone number in it and asked him to keep in touch.  Friends and Family I ask for prayers for Joey.  Don’t know what he has to go through. I do know he has been through a lot already.  This was one of those “divine” appointments that Father puts together.  This man seems healthy.  Just don’t know about the legs.
Pray for Joey.