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From: “Kristina Stefanopoulos, MDA” <kstefanopoulos@mdausa.org>
To: michaelgoldsmith997@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:55 AM
Subject: Follow Up! Keys to success!

Hi Michael,
jason tibbitsYou may be wondering why “Follow-Up” is the subject of this e-mail? It’s because that’s exactly the key to success before our Lock Up on June 27th at the Union Depot! You may have only gotten one round of emails out to your contacts, or you may have sent several, or perhaps haven’t been able to get to it yet! No matter, NOW is the time to send those follow up reminders (use the sample email already created below).
Why is Follow-Up so important?
  • At least 80% of Lock-Up donations are made during the final 10 days before the event
  • 15% of donations are made after a 1st round of emails are sent, 25% of donations are made after a 2nd round of emails, and 45-50% of donations are made after a 3rd round of emails are sent!
  • When surveyed, supporteres of jailbirds said they needed AT LEAST 3-4 email reminders before making their contribution.
Looking for another sample email to send out? Well below is another one you can use!  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard fellow Jailbirds tell me they recieved donations from the most “unlikely” people!
KristinaYour Friendly Warden,
  952.832.5517 , kstefanopoulos@mdausa.org
Camp jailbirds.jpg
I am going behind bars! By raising my bail for the MDA’s Lock-Up on June 27th, I would be sending two local children fighting muscular dystrophy to MDA’s summer camp in Maple Lake, MN.
I’m guilty……of wanting to give these kids the chance to have their disabilities disappear for at least one week out of the year.
EVERY contribution helps these local families battling MD, so make sure to hop on my Lock-Up webpage and help BAIL ME OUT, or keep me in!
You may also track me down between now and next Thursday to give me a cash or check donation, checks can be made out to “MDA”.
Thank you for your SUPPORT!!