guys cmon, I need your help here. You don’t want your favorite author sitting behind bars forever do you. give me a hand here. I really would appreciate any help you can give.
Mike Goldsmith
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From: “Kristina Stefanopoulos, MDA” <>
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 6:00 PM
Subject: 2 Days Until You Go Behind Bars!

MDA Minnesota

Hello Michael!
We are DAYS away from the Lock Up on June 27th at the Union Depot and you can still make a difference!
Danny's First FishLast week at camp I got to meet Danny(pictured). Danny is a vivacious little guy to say the least! Despite what he may be facing internally with muscle disease he has the BEST spirit out of anyone I have met.
Pictured is Danny with his FIRST FISH. He was beyond the moon when he caught his first fish at camp last week and ran around telling everyone he could about the exciting news!  
As we go into the last days here, you can make a difference by getting out a round of e-mails ahead of time, or reminder emails to those you have already contacted. I created a sample email below that is already linked to your page. Just delete my messaging here above the line and send out!
Kindle Fire Leader Board: (raise the most new $ online June 20th-midnight June 27th)
  • Tracy Schramm = $380 raised since Thursday June 20th
  • Chris Beber = $281 raised since Thursday June 20th
  • Gary Corradi = $240 raised since Thursday June 20th
Remember that ANYONE can win, who knows what you may raise in the next few days! 
We are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday!
Kristina and NoahThank you!
Your Friendly Warden,
Kristina Stefanopoulos 952.832.5517/
Sample Email To Forward To Contacts

Dear Friends, Family, and Co-Workers!

Summer Camp (archery).jpgI am days away from going behind bars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! I need your help to help raise funds to fight neuromuscular disease! Please make a secure donation on my personal webpage or you can get me cash and check by Thursday June 27th. Checks can be made to the MDA.
MDA not only funds research for treatment and to find a cure, but covers the expense for clinical visits, support groups, and durable medical equipment. BUT, one of the coolest programs they help facilitate is a summer camp where kids from across the state of Minnesota can attend overnight at NO COST to them and participate in activities like any other child! Activities include: archery, paintballing, fishing, water relays, and more. This summer they even get to ZIP LINE!
MDA does not receive funding from the government or united way, they are able to fund these resources because of good hearted citizens! 
If you can make a small donation, please visit my personal page or get me a check/cash by Thursday!
Thank you!!