Malachi 2:10-19

                Father loves his little girls.  This is clearly a message to the men, to the husbands if you will.  When Father speaks of the relationship of his son the Christ with the church he is speaking of a marriage.  Father makes it abundantly clear here that he HATES divorce.   What would happen at this time in history is men would get “tired” of his wife and simply give her a letter of divorce.  That is not God’s plan.  Today we see men divorcing their wives and wives divorcing their husbands. Many times it’s because they are just not getting along. Or one of the folks is just not “Happy”.   God Hates divorce.  Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate reasons for divorce.  God Hates it.  He hates that someone is unfaithful.  He is always faithful.  He hates that someone is abusive to the other partner.  He always cares for us.  If your thinking of cheating, don’t.  If your one of those who is just not happy.  Start praying.  Seek God on the actions you must take to get your marriage to where God wants it to be.

If there is abuse, get to safety.  It’s the abuser who usually won’t change.   Men remember this, we are called to love our wives and Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.  Wives respect your husbands.  When these happen then marriage will succeed.   If you not “happy” then it’s time to seek God.  Because divorce for that reason is not what God would have you do.  Sharon and I were there, we worked through it, and the last years we had together were really, really great.

Go in peace