Ephesians 5:8-14

We are told to walk in the light, to expose the workings of darkness, and bring them to the light. We are told that the fruit of the spirit is goodness, righteousness, and truth.  We are told not to have fellowship with darkness. We are told to stand against evil.  We are told to have no fellowship with darkness.  Now my question is this, how do we do this and not judge.  We are also told to Judge not lest you be judged.  I cannot judge a person’s character. I can however see when things a person does are evil.  The scripture makes it clear what is evil in God’s sight and what is not.  We are not to have fellowship with such a person doing the evil acts.  Ok Mike, how are we supposed to be able to share Christ with someone and not have fellowship with that person?  I think we need to define fellowship here. Fellowship is a more intimate relationship than one would have just discussing something with another person.  We see a person committing an evil act we should call that person out, and expose that act as evil.  That raises another question. What is an evil act?  Any act which would have an adverse effect on another.  All we have to do is look at the 10 commandments.  I cannot judge another mans character… In most cases it is clear what breaks these and what does not.  But Mike we are saved by grace, we don’t have to keep the law any more.  We are saved by grace, not of ourselves lest anyone should boast. True, very true.  Yet we are to stand on the word, the entire word of God.  When a person’s heart is changed by the spirit of our Father because of the sacrifice of the son we are changed.  We are cleansed. And instead of wanting to do evil our hearts are changed so we want to follow Fathers hand book and live a life of purity.  However, there are those who would still do evil, and hurt others either physically or emotionally.  Those actions we are called to stand against them and have no fellowship with someone who would do such acts.  We are called to help protect people from the time they are created by Father to the moment their heart stops beating. 

Go in peace