Exodus 20:16 
                                                  Do not bare false witness.
Truth matters.  Then why do we lie.  Or at least me, I make a big point about telling the truth, yesterday I got stopped by a highway patrol man doing his job.  I am missing the front license plate on my car.  On may 1 2008 I had a fender bender and lost it.  Never got it replaced.  All I had to do was tell the truth.  He asked me if I had ever had warning and I told him no. It was not true; I had received two on that.  I knew I was lying, and I knew I would get caught.  But I lied.  I don’t understand this.  I hate lies.  So why did I do it.  It cost me a $100 dollar ticket.  Truth matters.   I drove away from there feeling dirty, like I had just shot my own mother; I don’t understand why I did it.  Truth matters.  I thanked him for the ticket.  As a believer we have a responsibility to always tell the truth.  I really feel I am being held to a high standard by our Father in everything I do.  I am not perfect, but this for me is a big deal.  Truth matters.  I ask every one of you folks who are faithful readers to forgive me for this choice I made to lie.  My heart is heavy, I feel like I let each and every one of you down.
Please forgive me