Exodus 20:16
                                                                Thou shall not bear false witness.
In business I run into this a lot. People will say what it takes to get the sale.  The other day I was in a situation that appeared to me we would find a day to get the funding for an account the way the customer was needed it to be.  I made the mistake of telling the customer that I would get it done.  (I do enough business with the company that was to provide the service normally I get exactly what I ask for.)  I was trusted in this situation.  At times I can be somewhat brash. I can normally get done exactly what I tell people I can accomplish because I know the company I broker for is going to give me what I need for my customer, even if they would not normally do it.  I lied in this instance.  What I was told I could ask for was turned down.  It will not happen.  If I lose this piece of business I deserve to lose it.  I knew I was going outside normal underwriting on this one, yet I told the customer I would get it done.  This to me was a willful choice to tell the customer I would get something done I really was not sure I could accomplish.   Yesterday I went back and told the customer I could not get it done.  Today I have to go back and ask for that customer’s forgiveness because I did not tell him the truth in this situation.   Truth matters in all aspects of our lives.  Marriage, with our Children, Church, and any other relationship we find ourselves in.    IF someone can’t believe us on small things they cannot believe us on big things.  This is especially critical in a marriage situation.   Our spouses should never have to ask himself/herself this question. Is he/she telling the truth?   We must be seen at all times as the one who can be trusted no matter what.
Be trust worthy
Go in peace